Welcome to PointsUnknown.NET – Our new Tech Focused Blog

This blog is a spinoff from our adventure based blog PointsUnknown.com. Where as that blog focuses on outdoor pursuits, vanlife, adventure motorcycling, camping, etc – PointsUnknown.NET is all about technology, computers, gadgets, home automation, 3D Printing, Photography, Productivity and the kinds of things Points Unknown does when not outside. Our focus here will be reporting on the tech we love, cool things we’ve 3D printed, code snippets we’ve found useful, and references we can return to again and again.

Thank You for Visiting Points Unknown .NET

There is a lot of content here and we’ll continue to add new content as we explore new software, gadgets, and ideas in tech. Hopefully some of it has inspired you and given you the tools you need to move your own project forward. Points Unknown is made possible through our affiliate partnership with Amazon (when you click through product links). So if you found the content helpful, please help us out by clicking on product links in our posts or subscribing to our feed.