Wyze Home Security Cameras

I have been a big fan of Wyze security cameras ever since I first heard of them way back in 2017. At that time they really filled a niche that no other internet based camera was supplying, easy setup, night vision, an app that actually worked, and motion tagging. At the time, their online storage solution was completely free and that made purchase of a Wyze cam a no brainer – especially compared to the (lack of) competition.

Now fast forward 5 years, there is a lot more competition on the market, but I am still a big fan of the Wyze cam system. The app is still awesome, you can still got a lot of great features for free, and their ‘pay what you want’ for the ‘lite’ features is still better than anything else I have found. Combine that with the new V3 indoor/outdoor camera – and I’d say Wyze camera is still a winner.

I recently purchased a couple of the v3 cameras and was blow away by the improvement in color (during the day) and the mind blowing improvement in night vision. Absolutely incredible. So yes – Wyze cameras are still me preferred home security setup (and no, they didn’t pay me to say that – I had to purchase them retail like everyone else).

I should note that the ‘pay what you want’ option for Cam Plus lite is a lot less than what used to be completely free – but still more than I have been able to find from other camera solutions. With Cam Plus lite, you get:

  • person detection
  • sound detection
  • motion detection
  • 12 seconds of online recorded video
  • real time video

For me that is plenty – I dont need unlimited recordings or lots of other fancy things. I just want to be able to monitor things every so often. So depending on your needs the ‘lite’ option is still totally workable and very affordable.

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