Cold Shoe for Sony RX-100

The Sony RX-100 VII is a great camera for shooting photos and video blogging (vlogging). With the latest addition of a microphone input into the Mark VII version, it is even more capable and perfect for vlogging. However, just because you can plug in a mic doesn’t mean it gives you any place to put it. There are some fairly expensive options on the market (like this awesome one from SmallRig with a wood handle!) that I am certain are super cool, offering better group and a whole host of attachment points. But if you’re just searching for a cold shoe for the Sony RX-100 you can 3D print your own.

Printed in PLA and utilizing a small nut and bolt to clamp around the lens protrusion, this cold shoe has proven to be perfect for holding small microphones. Heavier objects (like large flashes or lights) might fare a little worse, but that shouldn’t deter you from printing this. There are two versions, one with a base (shown in the photos) with holes to still accommodate a tripod and one without a base that really relies on the clamping ring to hold it on. If you print the version without the base you’ll likely need to use the clamping ring more often and tighten it down to hold it on. If you have the version with the base mounted on a tri-pod then you don’t really need to clamp the ring around the lens, sense it is held on by the tri-pod.

Both versions block the integrated flash from popping out.

Print files available on thingiverse.

Let us know how it works for you in the comments.

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