3D Print Settings for Hatchbox PLA on Ender 3

These are my settings in Ultimaker Cura


  • Go with a thick initial layer for adhesion, around 0.32. Then decrease to 0.16 or 0.12 for the rest of the layers
  • Print at temperatures around 215 C for all layers
  • Heat the bed initially to 75 C then decrease the temp to around 67 C for the remainder of the print.
  • Keep things very slow – like around 15 mm/s for the first layer. Then you can speed up.

If there are issues with adhering to the print bed:

  • Spray it with hair spray prior to heating
  • Thick first layers 0.2 to 0.28
  • Very slow initial print speed  10-15 mm/s?
  • Temps 200 C extruder, 67 build plate (75 during first layers)
  • Very slow first layers, raft or brim is likely needed

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