3D Print Settings for ABS on Ender 3

Even with a hand made enclosure around my Ender 3 I was still struggling to get ABS to 3D print well – particularly for avoiding warping at the print bed. Here are the settings that worked well for me, printed great and reduced warping significantly:

  • Normal quality parameters (0.2mm)
  • Hot hot hot print temperatures – 235 nozzle, 100 build plate
  • No print cooling – just turn it off
  • fairly normal, if not a little bit slow printing speed
  • small changes to extrusion and retraction distance
  • Draft Shield – enabled in experimental section of Cura 5.0 – THIS MAKES THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE

A few additional notes and thoughts, for those that are curious:

  • My Ender 3 is totally stock. I haven’t upgraded anything yet (though I have capricorn tubing and an all metal hot end standing by for when something breaks)
  • I have the magnetic print bed – i have done several ABS prints at 100 degrees C bed temperature – bed has not failed yet
  • I do spray the bed with hair spray every half-dozen prints or so
  • I have a DIY wood enclosure. I’ll write about it someday.
  • I open a window in the room and set a fan to pull the air out – thats how I deal with ABS fumes – they are NASTY. My enclosure has not venting.

That’s it. So far so good – my ender 3 prints ABS and I am please with the results.

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